Investor Profiles

We interview the top performing small cap fund managers in Australia. These experts provide really helpful tips to our subscribers on which companies they are buying, their individual investment philosophies and what the key buying/selling trends are. The investors give practical advice and tips on what to look for when buying stocks.

Every fortnight you will meet one of these top performing small caps.

Alex Shevelev
Alex Shevelev, manager of Sky Funds Management
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Andrew Brown
We are very luck to have Andrew Brown as our new columnist. Meet our inventive investor!
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Andy Gracey
Andy Gracey of Australian Ethical Shares Fund - is one of the most consistent with double-digit returns over the past 20 years.
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Ben Griffiths
Ben Griffiths is the Co-portfolio Manager at Eley Griffiths. He manages $1.2 billion in small caps and has been managing money for more than 15 years and delivering strong returns.
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Chris Prunty
Chris Prunty of Ausbil MicroCap Fund is a rising star of small caps
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David Baker
Australia's number 1 Gold Investor and Founder of the $0.6 billion Baker Steel Gold Fund.
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David Lamm
David Lamm of Kentgrove
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Ed Prendergast
Ed Prendergast with Steve Black is one of Australia’s most successful funds management teams, having delivered 14.5% a year for the past 10 years.
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Frank Villante
Frank Villante Portfolio Manager Celeste Funds Mgmt
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Geoff Wilson
Geoff Wilson is principal at Wilson Asset Management and is on Under the Radar Report's investment committee.
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Hugh MacNally
Hugh MacNally, Executive Chairman and founder of PPM
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Issam Eid
Issam Eid, director of Sigma Funds
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Jack Collopy
Jack is the Portfolio Manager of the Smaller Companies strategy and an Analyst covering small cap industrial companies across a range of sectors.
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Karl Siegling
Our investment committee member Karl Siegling’s team has more than quadrupled its shareholder returns in the past 8 years. If you had listened to him last time we spoke in late July, you would have made 39% on following him into Macquarie Bank.
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Marcus Hughes
Marcus Hughes Director of LHC Captial
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Mike Taylor
Mike Taylor, Founder and CEO and CIO of Pie Funds
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Nathan Parkin
Nathan Parkin has learned from the best and is now in charge of Perpetual's flagship industrial fund.
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Rajeev de Silva
Rajeev de Silva, director of Sigma Funds
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Rob Hopkins
Rob Hopkins, founder of Smallco
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Simon Conn
Simon Conn of Investors Mutual
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