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Each week we tell you which ASX Shares to buy and when.

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We do all the share research so you don't have to. Our independent ASX share experts tell you when to Buy, Hold, Sell and Take Profits!

Why Small Caps?

It's much easier for a small company valued at $100m to double or triple in size than a large company that's worth $10bn. That's why we focus on Small Caps, to help you grow your income and assets.

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Our experts help you choose which stocks to buy

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    Don't miss the table in our report each week that shows you which small cap stocks we like right now.

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    We have delivered an average return of over 30% across 200 stock recommendations in the past seven years.

  • Small caps give you growth

    It's much easier for a small company valued at $100m to double or triple in size that a Blue Chip that's worth $10bn.

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Our experts tell you when to Hold, Sell and take Profits!

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We have easy to read summaries at the end of each research tip.

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Our Experts

Our research team is headed by Richard Hemming, Australia’s leading Small Cap analyst and commentator.

In the news and on the air

Richard has a column with The Australian and is a regular guest expert on Sky Business.

Our team

Under the Radar’s team of analysts has over 150 years of combined experience in investing and researching in ASX listed stocks with a specialty and passion for small companies.

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